Tradition exists because those who came before us made the choice to put in longer exert more reach for loftier goals. It comes from the unending pursuit of success! Over the years, some will see more triumphs than others, but the pursuit is always present. That is what creates an atmosphere of tradition!

At Lamar University, we have that history to gaze back upon, to admire, and to cherish. For instance, do you remember when the 1979 Cardinal Basketball team beat Portland State 141-84? At the time, that game set an NCAA record for points in a single game. During the game, Mike Olliver, set the then single game scoring record at Lamar by lighting up the court with 50 points. These memories fuel the fire of our future successes. They give us the basis for what we seek to achieve.

When speaking of the tradition of Lamar Athletics, the Men's Golf team has to be among the first sports that come to mind. At one point, the program won 14 straight conference championships. Producing PGA tour notables, such as Trevor Dodds, Kelly Gibson, and Chris Stroud has been commonplace for this storied program. But, tradition is not just about a team's history of achievement; it's about how a team constantly and consistently finds a way to achieve, to accomplish, to win; it's about how a team creates memories for future athletes to look back upon.

President Kenneth Evans and Athletic Director Jason Henderson are pressing to become an influential force in collegiate athletics.  Will you help us in our endeavor to become the best, to keep pushing towards perfection and reaching to attain success? Will you join the Cardinal Club today?

Cardinal Club

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