Professional Drafts and Inquiries

Student-Athlete Inquiring About Draft An individual may inquire to a professional sports organization about eligibility for a professional-league player draft or request information about the individual's market value without affecting his or her amateur status.

Student-Athlete Placed on Draft List An individual loses amateur status in a particular sport when the individual asks to be placed on the draft list or supplemental draft list of a professional league in that sport, even though:
The individual asks that his or her name be withdrawn from the draft list prior to the actual draft;
The individual's name remains on the list but he or she is not drafted; or
The individual is drafted but does not sign an agreement with any professional athletics team.

One Time Exception for Basketball Student-Athletes A student-athlete in the sport of basketball may enter a professional league's draft one time during his or her collegiate career without jeopardizing eligibility in that sport, provided the student-athlete is not drafted by any team in that leagues and declares his or her intention to resume intercollegiate participation within 30 days after the draft. The student-athlete's declaration of intent shall be in writing to the institution's director of athletics.

Student-Athlete Negotiating With Professional Organization Negotiations. An individual may request information about professional market value without affecting his or her amateur status. Further, the individual, his or her legal guardians or the institution's professional sports counseling panel may enter into negotiations with a professional sports organization without the loss of the individual's amateur status. An individual who retains an agent shall lose amateur status.

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