If you are involved with sport betting or interact with a bookie, you risk:

  • Loss of NCAA eligibility;
  • Banishment from professional sports;
  • Humiliating media coverage;
  • Public embarrassment to you, your teammates, and your family;
  • Pressure by bookies and organized crime to shave points or throw games;
  • Expulsion from school;
  • Opportunity for future employment; and
  • Violation of local, state, and federal laws.

    Important NCAA Legislation Regarding Gambling (NCAA Bylaw 10.3 Gambling Activities)

    Staff members of the athletics department of a member institution and student-athletes shall not knowingly:

  • Provide information to individuals involved in organized gambling activities concerning intercollegiate athletics competition;
  • Solicit a bet on any intercollegiate team;
  • Accept a bet on any team representing the institution;
  • Solicit or accept a bet on any intercollegiate competition for any item (e.g. cash, shirt, dinner) that has tangible value; or
  • Participate in any gambling activity that involves intercollegiate athletics or professional athletics, through a bookmaker, a parlay card, or any other method employed by organized gambling.

    Consequences of Violating NCAA Rules

  • A currently enrolled student-athlete being declared ineligible to participate.
  • The eligibility of a prospective student-athlete(s) being jeopardized.
  • Sanctions placed on the University and the athletic programs.

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