Montagne Center

The Montagne Center, which opened in 1984, is a showplace for Lamar University. Designed especially for the basketball program, the 10,080 seat arena serves the university's needs in various ways.

In addition to housing most of the athletic staff, the facility is used for concerts, commencements, banquets and other large audience events. All continuing education classes and some physical education classes are also held in the center.

The largest, single construction item in the 80-plus year history of Lamar, the Montagne Center was built in just 18 months (from June 20, 1983 through November, 1984). The facility originally seated 8,000, but capacity was expanded in 1985. It is located just across a highway from the main campus.

In addition to offices, rooms and the main playing court, other features include two perimeter courts, a VIP room, the Cardinal Club Room, a players' lounge, a study hall, and a scoreboard complete with a message center.

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