Lamar student-athletes learn about lifestyle choices

GO CARDINALS <strong>Kenneth Coleman speaks to Lamar student-athletes</strong>
Kenneth Coleman speaks to Lamar student-athletes

Feb. 9, 2013

BEAUMONT - As a part of the Lamar athletic department's Like Skills Series, speakers Kenneth Coleman and LaDonna Green from the Beaumont Health Department talked to student-athletes about the subject of lifestyle choices.

Green and Coleman spoke to every Lamar student-athlete about making good choices and being proactive in health issues.

"This is a program designed to help student-athletes realize higher academic achievement, increased likelifhood of graduation and enter a chosen profession with a higher level of vision, knowledge, motivation, self-responsibility and greater overall success," said Tic Price, Lamar's athletic coordinator. "The Life Skills Program challenges the athlete's minds for personal success by helping them become more well-rounded student-athletes." LAMAR

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