106 LU student-athletes named to SLC honor roll



June 24, 2014

BEAUMONT, Texas –Lamar University placed 106 student-athletes on the Southland Conference Commissioner's 2014 Spring Academic Honor Roll, the conference office announced today.

Twelve LU student-athletes had a perfect 4.00 grade-point average in the spring semester, led by the softball team, which had three.

Softball and women’s track and field each had 18 student-athletes named to the honor roll, while men’s track and field had 17. The Lamar baseball tam saw 14 of its players named to the honor roll. Women’s basketball had nine, men’s golf had eight, women’s tennis had seven, men’s tennis and women’s golf had six apiece, while men’s basketball had three.

The Southland Conference Commissioner's Academic Honor Roll acknowledges participants in all sports sponsored by the league and its member institutions. The honor roll is released within 30 days at the conclusion of the fall and spring semesters, recognizing student-athletes who maintained a minimum 3.00 GPA. Student-athletes, nominated by their respective academic advisors, must have been eligible to compete in a conference sport during the academic year in which the nomination occurs.

A complete list of the Lamar student-athletes on the honor roll is listed below:


Name                                     Cl.           GPA       Major                                                     Hometown

Chase Angelle                     Jr.            3.75        Accounting                                            Orange, Texas

Joe Arechiga                        Jr.            3.80        Criminal Justice                                   Pasadena, Texas

Andrew Beasley                  Sr.           3.50        Master’s Business Administration    Friendswood, Texas

David Carver                        Sr.           3.20        General Studies                                  Reseda, Calif.

Collin Chapman                  So.          3.25        Criminal Justice                                   Leander, Texas

Will Hibbs                             So.          3.50        Exercise Science                                                 Friendswood, Texas

Brent Janak                        Fr.           4.00        Chemical Engineering                    Friendswood, Texas

Kyle Markum                        Jr.            3.18        Mechanical Engineering                    Beaumont, Texas

Jayson McKinley                                 So.          3.00        Mechanical Engineering                    Friendswood, Texas

Travis Moore                        So.          3.75        Exercise Science                                                 Pearland, Texas

Hunter Perry                         Sr.           3.00        General Studies                                  Waco, Texas

Reed Seeley                        Jr.            3.40        Advertising Communication              Baytown, Texas

Jude Vidrine                         Sr.           3.50        Mechanical Engineering                    Nederland, Texas

Lance Warren                      Sr.           3.17        General Studies                                 Farmers Branch, Texas



Octavius Green                   Jr.            3.47        General Studies                                  Gainesville, Fla.

Preston Mattingly                 Fr.           3.81        General Business                               Evansville, Ind.

Marcus Owens                     Fr.           3.53        Management                                        Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.



Caroline Adesulu                                Jr.            3.25        Exercise Science                                                 Arlington, Texas

Francesca Bellatin              Sr.           3.00        General Business                               Lima, Peru

Kiandra Bowers                   Fr.           3.60        Communication                                   West Palm Beach, Fla.

Chantelle Brockett           Sr.           4.00        Masters Business Administration      Geelong, Australia

Dominique Edwards           Jr.            3.75        Communication                                   Grand Prairie, Texas

JaMeisha Edwards             So.          3.18        Exercise Science                                                 Crockett, Texas

Shauna Long                       Jr.            3.81        Criminal Justice                                   Fort Yates, N. D.

Micarah Malone                   Fr.           3.06        Management                                        Houston, Texas

Alice Robinson                    Sr.           3.25        General Studies                                  Bossier City, La.



Louis Bemberg                                 So.          4.00        Industrial Engineering                    Lausanne, Switzerland

Mans Berglund                    So.          3.57        Marketing                                              Vasteras, Sweden

Gustaf Burenstam               Sr.           3.40        Finance                                                                 Djursholm, Sweden

Stephane Dubois                                Sr.           3.60        General Studies                                  Brantford, Ontario

Charlie Flowers                   Fr.           3.63        Chemical Engineering                       Columbus, Ga.

Zander Gous                        Fr.           3.25        Exercise Science                                                 Mpumalanga, South Africa

Luke Jerling                          Jr.            3.20        Management                                        Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Gregory Wiggins                                 So.          3.60        General Business                               Hamburg, Germany



Bertille DuPont                  Fr.           4.00        Chemical Engineering                    Montevrain, France

Kelly Erasmus                      Fr.           3.80        Criminal Justice                                   Cape Town, South Africa

Olivereen LeRoux            Fr.           4.00        Biology                                                                 Brackenfell, South Africa

Katelyn McDougal               Sr.           3.00        Finance                                                                 Richmond, Texas

Nghi Ngo                               Jr.            3.00        Communication                                   Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Taylor Stockton                    So.          3.80        Accounting                                            Clear Lake, Texas



Brynn Baca                           Fr.           3.50        Business Education                            Round Rock, Texas

Morgan Buie                         So.          3.64        Music                                                     Gardner, Kan.

Candyce Carter                   Sr.           3.60        General Studies                                  Sweeny, Texas

Baylie Comeaux                  So.          3.43        Exercise Science                                                 Orange, Texas

Beverly Corry                       Jr.            3.07        Exercise Science                                                 Pembroke Pines, Fla.

Lauren Dannelley             So.          4.00        General Business                             Sweeny, Texas

Taylor Duck                          So.          3.78        Exercise Science                                                 Spring, Texas

Lauren Gambone                So.          3.53        General Business                               Canton, Ohio

Kellen Gomez                      Jr.            3.07        General Studies                                  Pearland, Texas

Presleigh Green                  Fr.           3.00        General Studies                                  Alvin, Texas

Jenna Holland                     So.          3.06        Communication                                   Auburn, Ga.

Marissa LeJune                    So.          3.78        Exercise Science                                                 Pearland, Texas

Ashley McDowell                                 So.          3.26        Hospitality Management                    Plano, Texas

Stephanie Meeuwsen        So.          3.00        General Studies                                  Hillsboro, Ore.

Shannon Millman                Sr.           3.20        General Studies                                  Pasadena, Texas

Shannon Sain                    Jr.           4.00        Interdisciplinary Studies                                Fannett, Texas

Tina Schulz                          Sr.           3.83        Criminal Justice                                   Spring, Texas

Julianne Viator                  Sr.           4.00        General Studies                                                Mauriceville, Texas



Trey Crysel                           So.          3.35        Finance                                                                 Beaumont, Texas

Michael Feucht                    Fr.           3.81        General Business                               Augsburg, Germany

Juuso Laitinen                     Fr.           3.16        Exercise Science                                                 Kuopio, Finland

Carl-Philip Lindqvist        So.          4.00        Marketing                                            Falkenberg, Sweden

Nikita Lis                               Fr.           3.56        Industrial Engineering                        Kaliningrad, Russia

Mikko Rajamaki                   Jr.            3.80        Marketing                                              Tampere, Finland



Dariya Dashutina                                Sr.           3.00        General Studies                                  Kharkov, Ukraine

Hanna Elfving                      Fr.           3.06        Psychology                                           Umea, Sweden

Nadiya Kulibaba                Fr.           4.00        Industrial Engineering                    Odessa, Ukraine

Katsiaryna Lapayeva          Fr.           3.64        Human Resource Management       Mogilev, Belarus

Alicia Porte                           Sr.           3.40        Accounting                                            Marseille, France

Anna Spengler                     Fr.           3.81        General Business                               Essen, Germany

Robyn Summers                  Fr.           3.46        History                                                   Beaumont, Texas



Aaron Bennett                      Gr.          3.66        Kinesiology                                           Southampton, England

Sean Chalmers                    Fr.           3.50        Kinesiology                                           Dingwall, Scotland

Trevon Davis                        Jr.            3.50        Criminal Justice                                   Houston, Texas

Sean Guiney                        Fr.           3.62        Economics                                            Sandringham, Australia

Ash Harrell                            Gr.          3.66        Kinesiology                                           Dereham, England

TaMar Hicks                         So.          3.14        Chemistry                                              Arlington, Texas

Dalton Holly                          Fr.           3.81        General Business                               Post, Texas

Mathew Jackson                  Gr.          3.00        Kinesiology                                           Warrington, England

Chris Jones                          Sr.           3.20        Marketing                                              Dublin, Ireland

Michael Kershaw                                 Gr.          3.33        Kinesiology                                           Abergavenny, Wales

Michael Lester                     Jr.            3.21        Exercise Science                                                 Arlington, Texas

Tye Norman                         Fr.           3.75        Exercise Science                                                 Beaumont, Texas

Matthew Odneal             Fr.           3.56        Kinesiology                                         Grapevine, Texas

Laurie Probert                   Fr.           3.00        Kinesiology                                         Liverpool, England

Ryan Saunders                  Gr.          3.66        Kinesiology                                         Bournemouth, England

Sam Stabler                        Jr.           3.00        Chemical Engineering                     Queniborough, England

Jimmy Struble                   Fr.           3.20        Electrical Engineering                     Round Rock, Texas



Belinda Aguilar                  Fr.           3.15        Nursing                                                Alice, Texas

Claire Arnold                      Gr.          3.33        Kinesiology                                         Farnham, England

Erin Brown                          Jr.           3.20        Communication                                Houston, Texas

Kayla Debondt                  Fr.           3.60        Political Science                                Tarwin Lower, Australia

Beatrice Douglas              Sr.           3.09        Nursing                                                Silsbee, Texas

Megan Flanagan               Fr.           3.81        General Studies                                Kingwood, Texas

Shakevia Fleeks                Sr.           3.14        Exercise Science                               Livingston, Texas

Justine Franklin                                 Fr.           3.75        Kinesiology                                         Leander, Texas

Carissa Hill                           Jr.           3.43        Communication                                Sugar Land, Texas

Angela LaBorde                Sr.           3.80        Interdisciplinary Studies                Covington, La.

Leigh Lattimore                 Gr.          3.00        Kinesiology                                         Pinner, England

Emma Lowry                      Gr.          4.00        Kinesiology                                        Edinburgh, Scotland

Denisha Nichols                Jr.           3.75        Exercise Science                               Elizabethtown, Ky.

JaLana Owens                    Fr.           3.20        Exercise Science                               Houston, Texas

Nora-Beth Saunders       Sr.           4.00        Chemical Engineering                   Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Saschelle Slaughter         Sr.           3.75        Communication                                Missouri City, Texas

Sydney Wandix                                 So.          3.40        Psychology                                         Houston, Texas

Louise Webb                      Gr.          3.66        Kinesiology                                         Southampton, England





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