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The mission of the Lamar University Athletics Academic Services department is to facilitate the recruitment, retention, and graduation of all Lamar student-athletes and to develop a commitment to excellence and life-long learning while providing an individualized support system that facilitates the academic, personal, and professional development for every Lamar student-athlete.


Assistant AD - Academics/SWA - Helene Thill - 409-880-8333 - E-Mail

Academic Coordinator - Rose Hubbard - 409-880-8332 - E-Mail

Academic Specialist - Mouris Danial - 409-880-7444 - E-Mail

Academic Specialist - Melissa Maples - 409-880-7519 - E-Mail

Academic Services

Advisement and Priority Registration: Each semester, student-athletes meet first with their department advisor and then with their assigned Athletics Academic Counselor to discuss major selection and degree completion as well as schedule courses for the upcoming semester. Student-athletes are then allowed time to register one week prior to the general student body to ensure that courses are selected that fit around their team's practice schedule. This process requires good communication between the counselor, the department advisors and the student-athlete to ensure student-athletes make appropriate progress towards degree completion as well as stay academically eligible to compete in their chosen sport. Each student-athlete is required to bring an advisement form from their department advisor and a copy of a completed degree plan with them to their meeting with the Athletics Academic Counselor.

Travel Letters: At the beginning of each semester, student athletes are given travel letters from the Athletics Department outlining all of their sport's travel dates for that semester. Students give these letters to their professors, and are proactive in sharing information about their excused absences from class. These letters help student-athletes develop a relationship with their professors regarding their unique needs throughout the semester. Lamar faculty are familiar with the travel needs of student-athletes and work to help students make up missed work and reschedule test dates missed due to team travel.

Counseling/Mentoring: During weekly or bi-weekly meetings, Athletic Counselors provide academic counseling and mentoring services to student-athletes. Mentoring sessions typically include discussion of academic progress (including recent assignments, projects, and exams), upcoming academic work, evaluation of study skills, and preparedness for travel. Athletic Counselors also assist in helping new student-athletes make the transition from high school to college while adjusting to and handling the demands of a stressful academics and athletics schedule. Where necessary, Athletic Counselors help students in the development of academic skills necessary for classroom success. At times, trained upperclass students and graduate students from the STARS department may also serve as academic mentors for specific student-athletes. Academic mentors provide general academic guidance for at-risk student-athletes and work primarily on a one-on-one basis. Additionally, through extensive communication with professors, including telephone calls and emails, Athletic Counselors monitor the grades and academic progress of student-athletes on their respective teams.

Weekly Team Meetings: Athletics Academic Counselors meet with each team and their coaches on a weekly basis throughout the school year to update student-athletes on things they need to know regarding their academic progress at Lamar. Weekly meetings typically include information about important dates, upcoming events, information about SAAC and CHAMPS/Life Skills activities, upcoming travel-related issues, distribution of progress reports, and a time for asking questions of the Athletics Academic Counselor. Weekly meetings allow time for a student-athlete to familiarize themselves with their Athletics Academic Counselor outside of an office setting and helps strengthen the student's relationship with their academic services on campus.

Progress Reports: Three times per semester the Athletics Department receives academic progress reports from Lamar faculty and instructors detailing grades and performance of student athletes. This information is shared with coaches and student-athletes, and helps the Academic Counselors monitor and track student performance. Where necessary, information gleaned from progress reports is used to identify students who need additional support services such as tutoring, mentoring, or additional time spent in study hall.

Study Halls: At various points in their academic careers at Lamar, most student-athletes are required to take advantage of study hall. Space is available in each of the university's athletics facilities. Specially designed study hall space in the LU Athletic Complex, Montagne Center, McDonald Gym and LU Soccer Complex provide students with a perfect environment to study and complete school work while utilizing an up to date computer lounge and free printing services. Depending on their year and academic standing, students may have anywhere from one to eight hours of required study hall time. Staff are on hand in all of the locations to provide additional support and supervision.

Student Athlete Lounge and McDonald Gym Computer Lab

Tutorial Assistance: Tutoring services are provided to Lamar student-athletes by the STARS Tutoring Center. STARS offers individual and small group tutoring for all student-athletes and makes every effort to find a tutor in any subject requested. Tutoring is widely available for required core Texas curriculum subjects (such as English, Math, History, American Government and the Sciences). Student-athletes are allowed priority tutoring scheduling to accommodate for practice times. Tutoring is available by weekly appointment or during our walk-in hours. The STARS Tutoring Center is located on the first floor of the Mary and John Gray Library. The STARS front desk is located in the lobby.

STARS Department

Writing Center: Lamar University's Writing Center is centrally located on the first floor of the Mary and John Gray Library. The Center's individualized tutoring sessions aspire to more than just the short-term goal of improving a particular essay or paper. Writing Center tutors seek to improve the student writer's composing skills so that he or she can approach any writing assignment in a progressively more skilled and thus more confident manner. Overall, their goal is to provide authentic learning of the writing process, not quick-fixes for papers. Walk-ins are welcome, but students are strongly encouraged to make appointments by calling 880-8571, emailing, or dropping by the center.

Math Lab:The Math Department offers additional tutoring services in their drop-in Lab. Math Lab tutors are graduate students working in the Math department and provide the highest level of support to students looking to succeed in Math. The Math Lab is located in the Lucas building adjacent to the Mathematics Department offices.

Supplemental Instruction: Supplemental Instruction offers peer-led review sessions in courses that are historically the most challenging for students. These courses have high drop/fail/withdrawal rates. SI sessions are led by students who have successfully completed the course. SI sessions are offered multiple times per week to review course content, practice homework assignments and prepare for tests. SI Leaders do not "tutor" each individual in the session but instead guide the entire group through the material using active and collaborative techniques to ensure a deeper understanding of concepts. Students who participate in SI have a MUCH higher likelihood of passing the class with an A, B or C.

Academic Enhancement Workshops: Academic Enhancement Workshops address the issues students need in order to successfully transition from high school to college, as well as other relevant topics for college students. Workshops are FREE and are 1 hour in length. Movie-style popcorn is available for all participants (based on availability). Attend one, attend all, or anything in between to enhance your academic experience. Topics include note taking, nutrition, goal setting, time management, essay writing, test anxiety, test taking strategies, overcoming procrastination, and getting involved in campus life.

Career Services: Lamar Athletics assists student-athletes to identify career goals and aids with interviewing and job search skills. CHAMPS/Life Skills seminars and workshops are designed to help students build resumes and cover letters, and opportunities are made available to network with employers and practice interviewing skills. Assistance is also provided with preparation for graduate and/or professional school, as well as obtaining additional scholarships to help pay for additional education.

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