The Mission of the NCAA and Lamar University's SAAC are to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare and fostering a positive student-athlete image. SAAC serves as a vehicle to promote communication between the athletic administration and student-athletes at Lamar by providing a student-athlete voice within the athletics department, discussing issues and concerns, and providing feedback as necessary. SAAC also serves in a leadership role recruiting fellow student-athletes to serve the campus, Beaumont, and the surrounding area through a variety of community service programs and events.

SAAC members at Lamar are dedicated to representing the voice of the student-athlete both on and off campus.

The committee is composed of one to two student representatives from each men's and women's intercollegiate team. Five student officers lead the group in conjunction with the athletics coordinator, who acts as an advisor to the group and liaison to athletics administration.


Foster student-athlete welfare.


Act as a liaison between student-athletes, the team, the coaches and the athletic administration focusing on issues relevant to the student-athlete.


Participate in the development of Lamar University athletic department policies.


Promote important athletic events at Lamar.


Become a sounding board for the athletic administration by generating a student-athlete voice where concerns are addressed.


Provide feedback to the athletic administration on proposed conference and NCAA legislation.


Encourage and promote excellence for all student-athletes at Lamar through active involvement in community service projects, student government and additional leadership opportunities.


Assist with first year student-athlete orientation during the Summer II and Fall semesters.


Advocate student-athletes' rights and participation in student government at Lamar.


To increase the graduation rates of student-athletes by nurturing their development throughout their stay at the university.


Promote positive image and perception of student-athletes in the university and local communities.


Create relationships between student-athletes and the community by organizing community service efforts and raising funds for various causes.


Provide opportunities for athletes to develop leadership and organizational skills in a non athletic environment.


Provide educational presentations to student-athletes in coordination with the CHAMPS/Life Skills program on campus.


Advance student-athlete community involvement through current and newly created programs.


Encourage interaction between student-athletes and non student-athletes by inviting campus organizations into SAAC meetings.


Facilitate student-athlete community building through programs such as student-athlete game nights, Welcome Day and Student Athlete Appreciation Day and acknowledging the accomplishments of fellow student-athletes.

SAAC Meetings
SAAC meetings are held on the first Monday of every month in the Dauphin Athletic Complex and are open to any student-athlete. Contact staff advisor Andrew Caudill at (409) 880-7444 if you are interested in becoming active in SAAC.


2013-2014 SAAC Monthly Meeting Dates

First Monday of every month


2013-2014 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Members

Fall President: Will Hibbs (Baseball)

Spring President: Keith Curran (Football)

Vice President: Brett Brown (Baseball)

Vice President: Beverly Corry (Softball)

Chase Angelle (Baseball)

Matt Hancock (Men's Basketball)

JaMeisha Edwards (Women's Basketball)

Dominique Edwards (Women's Basketball)

Trevon Davis (Men's Cross Country/Track)

Jonathan Edwards (Men's Cross Country/Track)

Shakevia Fleeks (Women's Cross Country/Track)

Saschelle Slaughter (Women's Cross Country/Track)

Caleb Berry (Football)

Gratian Gladney (Football)

Nicole Frank (Soccer)

Bailey Fontenot (Soccer)

Jenna Holland (Softball)

Carl-Philip Lindqvist (Men's Tennis)

Mikko Rajamaki (Men's Tennis)

Nadiya Kulibaba (Women's Tennis)

Carolina Masó (Women's Tennis)

Molly Duge (Volleyball)

Sara Landis (Volleyball)



Southland Conference SAAC:



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