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Jasmine Stewart

LamarCardinals.com cornered sophomore forward Jasmine Stewart and got an in-depth look at the athletic, hard working student athlete from Chicago, Ill. via John Hope HS. Stewart combines all the necessary ingredients to be a powerful force in the Southland Conference this season with size, speed, and strength! Stewart lets her actions speak louder than words!

LC: When you think of Chicago, you have to think of the great pizza in that city - what are your favorite ingredients and what restaurant do you eat it at?
JS: I love chicken. Leon's has the best chicken in the WORLD!!!

LC: What is the best advice that you would give an incoming freshman student athlete?
JS: Stay focused and never let your classifications determine your role.

LC: From previous conversations, you have mentioned a mentor from John Hope HS that has helped you along the way. Who is she and how big of an impact has she had on your life?
JS: Ms. Nelson-she was my high school Economics teacher. She always made sure that I stayed on top of my school work. She was very supportive.

LC: If a person got to know you really well, what one thing would surprise them the most?
JS: I'm not as quiet as I make myself out to be.

LC: Rebounding is a strong habit of yours, what makes a great rebounder?

LC: What is your pre-game ritual and do you have any superstitions?
JS: I pray before every game.

LC: You wear jersey #23, any particular reason or story to this number?
JS: LeBron James.

LC: Who is your favorite WNBA player of all time and why?
JS: DeAnna Nolan-I love the way she plays.

LC: You worked for the legendary coach of DePaul University, Doug Bruno, this past summer at his camp. Give us a brief description of Bruno's personality.
JS: He's very precise coach-he likes things executed right.

LC: If they produced a movie about your life, what would be the title and what actress would play the leading role?
JS: Sanaa Lathan



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