Soccer game at Northwestern State washed out



Sept. 20, 2013

NATCHITOCHES, La. - The Lamar University women's soccer game at Northwestern State was declared a "no contest" on Friday night after a lengthy lightning delay.


The game is tentatively rescheduled for Monday at Northwestern State.


The teams played 35 minutes on Friday, with Northwestern State leading 1-0. However, under NCAA rules, those stats are nullified.


A suspended game is considered a temporary action (because of elements

or other causes). If the conditions leading to a suspended game persist and the

game is not resumed the same day, the game shall be considered "no contest"

if it has not progressed to 70 minutes. A "no contest" does not count, and all

normal statistics are nullified; however, cautions or ejections occurring in a

"no contest" shall be subject to the procedures stated in Rules 12.11, 12.12 and


A.R. 10.10.a. Because of lightning, the referee suspends a game midway into the

second half of play. The storm persists, and the game cannot continue. How shall the

referee report the game? RULING: If the game has progressed to 70 minutes (that is,

70:00), the referee shall report that it was suspended.

A.R. 10.10.b. A game is suspended at 47:47. What is the status of the game?

RULING: No contest.


Lamar hosts Oral Roberts at 1 p.m. Sunday. For ticket information, call (409) 880-1715 or call







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