Volleyball Notebook: Spring practice off to strong start



Feb. 5, 2013

BEAUMONT – After an extended break from the court over the winter, head coach Justin Gibert was ready to take to the floor again this spring as his Lady Cardinal volleyball team begins on preparations for the 2013 season.

“It’s really good to get back on the court,” Gibert said. “It’s nice to take some time off, but you get a little antsy after a while. We’ve been fortunate enough to have two new additions to the team over the semester break, so I was looking forward to getting them in with the team. I enjoy being in the gym. We’ve only been going for a couple weeks, but it’s been fun so far.”

One of the new additions, one is Alexa Johnson, who joins the program after an early graduation from Papillion-La Vista High School in Nebraska. A former all-state honoree, the setter hasn’t wasted any time in getting acclimated to the system.

“I took some extra credits in the fall to come down here, but I really wanted to get down here and be able to play next fall,” Johnson explained. “It’s a different style, and it’s a lot more intense. We’ve focused a lot more on individual skills so far, but I think it’s really starting to click. I’ve started to get to know what I’m supposed to be doing both mentally and physically on the court. I really think it’s going to come together in the fall.”

Being more prepared for the fall is a mantra that was also carried by Gibert.

“The great thing about having the kids come in early is that they’re almost going to feel like veterans in the fall,” Gibert said. “When you first arrive to a team, there’s that uncertainty about what the coach is going to be like, what the expectations are and what each team member brings to the table. There are so many questions you have to answer when you first get to a team, regardless of how talented that individual is. With the two girls already on campus, they’ll feel like returners when the season rolls around.”





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