Five Questions With Raelynn Beaty

GO CARDINALS Raelynn Beaty
Raelynn Beaty

Question 1: What was it like playing in your first NCAA match when you took the floor at the Rice tournament?

Answer: The pace of the game is a lot faster than high school and club and it is at another level and it raises the stress level a little. You think you need to do well in high school but now that it's college volleyball it really counts. Also I had to go out and serve which I haven't done in years because liberos couldn't serve in high school

Question 2: Was it hard to make the adjustment to the college game?

Answer: In practice I started to make the adjustment, but getting into a match situation it was just a matter of getting out there which was a little nerve wracking. After I got going and got moving I forgot about the nervousness.

Question 3: You are one of the shorter players on the court most of the time. What advantages do you have over your teammates that are a lot taller then you?

Answer: I'm closer to the ground, so I get to balls faster when I dive for them I guess. I won't know if it's an advantage to be short because playing back row is all about reading where the ball is going and reacting to where it's going to be.

Question 4: What is your history of playing volleyball? Have you always been a defensive specialist?

Answer: I started off as a setter going into high school, but we had a lot of setters. One day they threw me on the back in the middle of a game and it kind of stuck. I played back row on varsity for three years, so basically I'm a back row player.

Question 5: If you could change places with any teammate of yours, who would it be and why?

Answer: If I could trade places it would probably be with Meagan (Adams) or Kaci (Brewer) because they are so powerful offensively. To dominate offensively is something I've never been able to do because I'm so short, but also those two are very well rounded. They're both very good offensive and defensive players.



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