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Ali Meyer

Lamarcardinals.com sat down with Ali Meyer earlier in the season, but due to the hurricanes we weren't able to get her interview up. After a quick chat with her on Monday we're ready to share what she had to say.

Lamarcardinals.com: Tell me a little about your background and how you ended up here at Lamar.

A.M.: "I got really lucky I think. I previously committed to another school and things just didn't work out. Coach Gibert came to me and made an offer and when I came and visited it just felt right. I got really lucky because it was so late in the recruiting process."

Lamarcardinals.com: Over the last couple of years this program has had several freshman players step in and play a major role in the teams success. What can you do to get yourself into a similar position?

A.M.: "I think a lot of it is on the mental side more than the physical side. As a freshman you have to catch up to the collegiate level and there is a lot of it that is mental. Knowing that you can hang with the players on this level and you're here for a reason. Me personally, I have to know that the weight is not all on me and that there are a lot of really good players on this team that. I'll have to give 110 percent all the time and sometimes that won't even be enough."

Lamarcardinals.com: I know practice can get tough at times, but how much different is playing in an actual match?

A.M.: "The intensity is taken to another level and the fight in everybody comes out. When we're practicing it gets intense and we're going at it, but playing in a match is just at another level."

Lamarcardinals.com: Rumor has it that you are into equestrian. That's not your typical hobby that athletes list. Most of the time you get stuff like hanging out with friends, shopping or sleeping. How did you get into equestrian?

A.M.: "I have ridden horses since I was eight years old and I competed from eleven years old through my junior year in high school all over the nation. I started out doing western and then got into jumping. I was jumping about 4'9" before I gave it up and decided to stick with volleyball.



Lamarcardinals.com: You've been out for almost a month now with the hurricanes and injuries. When you get back on the court this Friday, what are you looking forward to the most?

A.M.: "Just getting out there and competing. It's hard sitting on the sideline and watching. The most you can do is try to help out your teammates and tell them what's there. You just can't do as much as you want to."

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