Mailing Address (All Sports & Athletic Staff):
211 Redbird Lane
Beaumont, TX 77710

Lamar University Staff Directory

AC -- Dauphin Athletic Complex; MC -- Montagne Center; MG -- McDonald Gym; SC -- Soccer/Softball Complex

General inquiries for Lamar athletics can be sent to

Director of Athletics Jason Henderson 409-880-8303


Executive Associate Sharon Williams 409-880-2248 Email
  Fax Number 409-880-1814  
COMPLIANCE (AC 206)      
Compliance Director Clyde Prestwood 409-880-8323 Email
  Fax Number 409-880-1814  
Associate AD/SWA Helene Thill 409-880-8333 Email
Academic Coordinator Rose Hubbard 409-880-8332 Email
Academic Specialist Mouris Danial 409-880-7444 Email
Academic Specialist Melissa Maplesl 409-880-7519 Email
  Fax Number 409-880-1814  
Assistant AD - Business Daucy Crizer 409-880-2249 Email
  Fax Number 409-880-1814  
Athletics Coordinator TBA 409-880-8323
  Fax Number 409-880-1814  
Assistant Athletic Director Nicole Kummer 409-880-7677 Email
Coordinator of Corporate Sales TBA 409-880-8828
Assistant Director of Marketing & Promotions Stephen McKenzie 409-880-2278 Email
Development Specialist Peggy Frazier 409-880-2319 Email
Marketing Assistant Cori Williams 409-880-8128 Email
  Fax Number 409-880-2128  
Assistant Athletic Director James Dixon (Football, Men's Basketball, Men's & Women's Golf) 409-880-8329 Email
Assistant Director Pat Murray (Website, Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball, Softball) 409-880-2323 Email
Assistant Director Matt Fowler (Baseball, Track and Field, Cross Country, Men's & Women's Tennis, Volleyball, Secondary Football) 409-880-7845 Email
  Fax Number 409-880-2338  
VIDEO (MC 137)      
Director of Video Operations Clint Burges 409-880-2181 Email
Production Coordinator Brianna Meadows 409-880-2184 Email
  Fax Number 409-880-2338  
TICKET OFFICE (MC 156)      
Ticket Office Coordinator Amelia Calulot 409-880-1715 Email
Ticket Office Coordinator Elise Broussard 409-880-1715 Email
  Fax Number 409-880-7542  
ATHLETIC TRAINING (AC 101, MG 101)      
Head Athletic Trainer Joshua Yonker (Football) 409-880-2359 Email
Assistant Athletic Trainer Andrew Beyke (Men's Basketball) 409-880-7394 Email  
Assistant Athletic Trainer Christina Fanning (Women's Basketball) 409-880-7229 Email
GA Athletic Trainer Ashley Cody (Football) 409-880-7449  
GA Athletic Trainer Ashley Doozan (Football) 409-880-7449  
GA Athletic Trainer Kerri Kalina (Volleyball) 409-880-8328  
GA Athletic Trainer Susan Lawless (Baseball) 409-880-7449  
GA Athletic Trainer Lauren Olson (Women's Soccer) 409-880-2163  
GA Athletic Trainer Helena Riddell (Softball) 409-880-2163  
GA Athletic Trainer Kelci Rullo (Track & Field, Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis) 409-880-8328  
GA Athletic Trainer TBA (Track & Field) 409-880-8328  
  Fax Number 409-880-2366  
(AC 111)
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Joshua Miller 409-880-7445 Email
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Cory Castro 409-880-7427 Email
GA Strength & Conditioning Coach Gerald Ellis Hill 409-880-7911 Email
  Fax Number 409-880-2366  
BASEBALL (Vincent-Beck Stadium)      
Head Coach Jim Gilligan 409-880-8315 Email
Associate Head Coach Jim Ricklefsen 409-880-8974 Email
Assistant Coach Scott Hatten 409-880-8135 Email
Volunteer Assistant Coach Brian Nelson Email
Director of Operations Corey Troxell 409-880-8327 Email
  Fax Number 409-880-2331  
Head Coach Tic Price 409-880-8301 Email
Assistant Coach Bobby Kummer 409-880-1839 Email
Assistant Coach Anthony Anderson 409-880-2326 Email
Assistant Coach Brian Burton 409-880-2336 Email
Director of Operations Matt Pace 409-880-8301 Email
Administrative Associate Cindy Hall 409-880-8301 Email
  Fax Number 409-880-1878  
Head Coach Robin Harmony 409-880-2238 Email
Associate Head Coach Randy Schneider 409-880-8325 Email
Assistant Coach Candace Walker 409-880-7384 Email
Assistant Coach Lejon Wright Sr. 409-880-1758 Email
  Fax Number 409-880-8773  
FOOTBALL (AC 210)      
Head Coach Ray Woodard 409-880-7609 Email
Assistant Coach Ben Beasley 409-880-7495 Email
Assistant Coach Larry Kueck 409-880-7493 Email
Assistant Coach Craig McGallion 409-880-7227 Email
Assistant Coach Arlington Nunn 409-880-7226 Email
Assistant Coach Chuck Langston 409-880-7543 Email
Assistant Coach Carey Bailey 409-880-7525 Email
Assistant Coach Mark Criner 409-880-7494 Email
Assistant Coach Brian Morgan 409-880-7492 Email
Director of Football Operations Brett Ramsey 409-880-7496 Email
Administrative Associate Angel Dauphine 409-880-7157  
  Fax Number 409-880-7648  
MEN'S & WOMEN'S GOLF (MC 132)      
Head Coach Brian White 409-880-8334 Email
Assistant Coach Russell Helson 409-880-7392 Email
WOMEN'S SOCCER (SC 101)      
Head Coach Orlando Cervantes 409-880-7595 Email
Assistant Coach Topper Cogan 409-880-2334 Email
  Fax Number 409-880-2157  
MEN'S TENNIS (MG 143)      
Head Coach Scott Shankles 409-880-8202 Email
WOMEN'S TENNIS (MG 145)      
Head Coach David Wong 409-880-8056 Email
Head Coach Trey Clark 409-880-8318 Email
Assistant Coach - Jumps Alesha Walker 409-880-8909 Email
Assistant Coach - Cross Country/Distance Darren Gauson 409-880-1742 Email
VOLLEYBALL (MG 147)      
Head Coach Alan Edwards 409-880-8717 Email
Assistant Coach Kacie Ehinger 409-880-7717 Email
SOFTBALL (SC 102)      
Head Coach Holly Bruder 409-880-7454 Email
Assistant Coach Allison Honkofsky 409-880-7448 Email
Pitching Coach Jenna Rodriguez 409-880-7448 Email

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