Football FAQ's

I just got my renewal for football season tickets. How do I add or change my seat location?

·         Put as much information on your renewal form about your request as possible. After the deadline has expired for renewals, the ticket office will contact you with possibilities.

When is the renewal deadline for football season tickets?

·         May 17, 2013

My friends and I bought tickets together under my name. How do I transfer them into their name?

·         Football season tickets are non-transferrable except to a surviving spouse. In order for the tickets to change names, the existing ticket holder would have to release the seats and the new ticket holder would have to wait until season tickets are on sale to the public before they can purchase them.

I didn't have parking last year. How do I get parking for this year?

·         Reserved parking for Lamar football games is limited. If you are renewing season tickets, put a request in writing on the renewal form that you would like to add parking. The ticket office will contact you after the renewal deadline has expired. Any open spots will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

My seats aren't the same as last year!

·         Please contact the ticket office at 880-1715 to double check your locations. The ticket office may have information about your seats that didn't get merged into the renewal form.

When do season tickets go on sale to the public?

·         June 1, 2013

How many seats are available for purchase in Provost Umphrey Stadium?

  • There will be approximately 15,300 seats in Provost Umphrey Stadium.

Where and how many handicap accessible seats are in the stadium?

  • There are approximately 204 ADA accessible seats in Provost Umphrey Stadium. The seats are located on the east, west, and south sides of the stadium, with consideration given to ease of access, sight-lines, and cost.

How long will I be able to keep my seats?

  • The LU Department of Athletics reserves the right to re-evaluate its Premium Seating Plan (VIP Gold and Big Red sections) after the first three (3) years of Lamar Football. You can keep your seating location on an annual basis provided you renew your season tickets by the appropriate deadline and maintain your 2010 Cardinal Club donation each subsequent year for the first three years.
  • Seating locations in the Green and White sections are not guaranteed on an annual basis.

Why is a Cardinal Club donation required to purchase seats in the VIP Gold and BIG Red sections?

  • Cardinal Club donations are only required for tickets in the two premium seating sections of the stadium (VIP Gold and Big Red sections). Private support is necessary in order for the university to be able to restart its football program. Some schools use the terminology "seat licenses"- this is the same thing with just a different name. A portion of the donation is tax deductible. Talk with your tax advisor regarding your specific situation.
  • More information on the Cardinal Club can be found on the Cardinal Club web page

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