Lamar Mascot

Big Red
In 1932, John Gray, as football coach and athletic director, changed Lamarís mascot from the Brahmas to the Cardinals and the school colors from maroon and gray to red and blue. The colors changed again in 1960 to red and white. A student dressed in a Larger-than-life cardinal costume, affectionately known as Big Red, cheers at athletic events and represents the university at on-campus and community events. A new and improved mascot uniform was introduced at the end of the Lamar Football season in 2011, as he led the team onto the field. Big Redís character can best be described as someone who likes to pump up the crowd, joke around, groove to music, and greet fans.

The Lamar University Mascot program has introduced its first ever girl mascot figure in the history of Lamar University. The Lamar Universityís girl mascot, LU (Lou), was created and designed by LaShea and Lorence Richard and drawn by LaShea Richard and Blake Lewis. LU was added to the mascot program by the board members at Lamar University under the direction of President Jimmy Simmons. LUíS first appearance was on February 4, 2012 at a menís basketball game during an unforgettable half-time performance by LU and her dear friend Big Red. LUíS character is described as being very spirited, kind, sweet, understanding to fans, and known as a role model to females throughout the community. LU also assists Big Red in pumping up the crowd, promoting spirit, and welcoming fans

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